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Talent dispatch

CIIC talent dispatch service can help enterprise effectively control headcount. On signing the talent dispatch contract with CIIC, the enterprise will be responsible only for the work management of the dispatched talent, while CIIC will perform personnel management as the legal employer, thus achieving HR management efficiency by making the best use of talents without having to manage the personnel and increase management cost.

Service content

Labor contract management

Labor contract signing, renewal, termination, and probation management.

Housing fund

Housing fund base auditing, housing fund declaring, contribution, account mergers, and consultation on housing fund loans and withdrawals.

HR policy consultation

Provide consultation on personnel management, labor laws and regulations, and interpretation of the latest policies and regulations issued by the local government.

Social insurance

Social insurance base auditing, social insurance declaring, contribution, account mergers, transfers and insurance claims.

Employee management

New hire/demission formalities, agency in talent import, residence permit and transfer from residential identity to SH domicile.

Service advantages

Holistic management service

With the aim to reduce HR management cost and increase employment flexibility, CIIC offers one-stop HR management services for enterprises based on standard operation and rich experience.

Authoritative Certification

In 2006, after being accredited with ISO9001: 2000 Quality Management System certification through the most authoritative certification body in the world, Lloyd’s Register of Shipping, CIIC achieved the business process management model and established the key quality indicators. In 2009, CIIC became the first company in the industry to obtain ISO/IEC 27001:2005 Information Security Management System certification by DNV.

Convenient self-service

  • CIIC e-family, employee service platform on Wechat
  • Zhi Xiang Tong, employee data query platform on PC
  •   Employee service hotline 400-889-4545

Extensive service network

With subsidiaries established in 62 major cities across China, CIIC has built up a national HR outsourcing service network that covers more than 300 cities.

Secured data delivery

CIIC now possesses a series of huge and advanced platforms, including Zhi Xiang Tong (Client delivery platform), Zhi Ling Tong (ERP system), Zhi Yi Tong (national HR outsourcing entrustment platform) and CIIC e-family (Wechat service account for employees), which offer enterprises and employees quality online services that are convenient, efficient, accurate and secure.

Professional customer service team

Over 90% of CIIC’s customer service personnel have more than 5-10 years’ experience in human resources industry with expertise in China’s Labor Law and local HR policies. We operate in strict accordance with the quality management standard, provide customers with first-hand information on the latest policy, social insurance and housing fund adjustments, offer professional and reasonable consultation and advices on employment, and help customers minimize employment risk.

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