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Business Process Outsourcing

CIIC BPO (business process outsourcing) is a new business model developed in response to the current economic situation and legal environment. As the legal employer of the employee, CIIC will provide corporate customers with one-stop business process outsourcing solutions while enterprises only need to evaluate the effectiveness of CIIC service. This innovative service model can not only meet the changing demands for flexible employment, but also effectively control corporate operation cost to achieve efficient development amidst higher employee turnover and growing labor disputes in the present day.

BPO business category
  • Non-core position overall outsourcing
  • High-end consumer product showroom service outsourcing
  • Finance industry non-core position overall outsourcing
  • Shared service center project outsourcing
Service content

Recruitment management

  • Job posting
  • initial screening
  • candidate recommendation
  • second interview arrangement
  • offer communication
  • pre-entry physical examination

Personnel management

  • Contract signing
  • contract renewal
  • contract expiration reminder
  • Settlement of occupational injury
  • medical treatment period
  • labor disputes
  • Issuance of personnel certificates
  • New hire and demission formalities
  • Attendance calculation
  • work shift management
  • leave management
  • Daily communication
  • disciplinary issue treatment
  • position adjustment
  • Performance management and implementation
  • performance appraisal and review

Business management

  • Etiquette training
  • service process training
  • information security training
  • special skill training
  • Service content designation
  • service process supervision
  • service content assessment
  • in-post service support
  • Onsite supervisor to monitor and manage service personnel

Risk management

  • Manage risks arising from service personnel in the pregnancy, confinement or nursing period, during medical treatment period and in occupational injury in the course of service
  • Business risk assessment and control (information security training, etc.) in the course of service

Business management

  • Monthly
  • quarterly
  • semi-annual
  • annual inspection

Service advantages
  • BPO services can meet the flexible demands of business activity, and improve employment flexibility
  • The powerful resource advantage of CIIC helps enterprises to achieve economies of scale and improve efficiency
  • Rigorous process and standard operations can reduce employment risks of enterprises
  • Industry-leading interactive platform provides detailed business data and various information services
  • Comply with International operation standard to ensure consistency of service delivery

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